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Tired of the hair waxing process? It can be painful and redundant. There’s not much more terrifying than a Brazilian waxing. Also, isn’t it ironic that we want the hair gone but we have to grow it out to get rid of it? Shaving needs to be done frequently and we can’t see what we are doing, sometimes causing small painful cuts or not to mention razor burn.

So Presenting……..

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal at Cosmedic Laser & Skincare

Here’s some Popular concerns we can address for you ahead of time….

1. Awkwardness? Well hello, a technician, high-powered laser, and some zapping sounds can be a little awkward your first time. Here’s what to expect: 1-2 days before your treatment shave the area. Shave everywhere you want treatment, everything, yes everything. You do have options here, you can leave all the hair on top, remove the hair on top, you can do the lips, or avoid the lips. Basically, it’s up to you, so just shave what you want us to treat. When you arrive for your appt. our technician will have a quick consult with you, you can let them know if you are taking it all off or just certain areas. The technician will then leave, while you remove your pants and underwear and cover yourself with a sheet. When you’re ready they will return, and get to work, including possibly having you lift a cheek so they can reach every crevice. A little awkward, no doubt, but not such a big deal, especially for the technician who does this multiple times a day. Our technicians are very professional and will make your experience as comfortable as possible.

2. Pain? We think you will be pleasantly surprised with how little it hurts. However, everyone has a different pain tolerance, so it’s hard to say exactly how it will feel for you. If you’ve ever had a waxing, most people find laser hair removal is a lot less painful, and it’s permanent, so it puts it into perspective. Remember though, with each treatment, you are dealing with less hair.

3. Effectiveness? It takes a few treatments to see the results, so don’t expect a miraculous, complete clean slate after the first appt. The hair will grow back much less and will grow back in patches. Some areas will not grow any hair and others may still grow in. The hair will grow slower and fewer. After each treatment, you will notice less hair growth. You will achieve upwards of 90% hair removal in the area. If there are any hairs left at the end of the treatment, they have been damaged by the laser and are thin and barely noticeable. From that point, it will depend on hormone levels, etc. with how often you’d need a follow-up appt. It usually takes about 6 months to achieve desired results, with appt.’s every 4-6 weeks.

4. Cost? It may seem a bit more than waxing, but in the long run, you are spending way less on razors and constant waxing appt.’s. Contact us at Cosmedic Laser or check our website for pricing for each treatment. Packages of 3 or 6 are available at a discounted rate, ask our technicians for details.

5. Prep? Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, and sunbathing for up to 2 weeks prior to hair removal. Using the laser on skin that has recently had sun exposure can cause too much heat on the skin and could cause burning, hyperpigmentation, and scarring. Also, avoid sun exposure for 1 week after. Also, on the don’t do list, avoid drinking alcohol the night before as hangovers can make everything more painful. Shave 1-2 days prior. After treatment, exfoliating in the shower with a sugar scrub can help speed up the process.

In summary, most clients find the Brazilian Laser Hair removal process less painful than other options, more convenient and extremely effective. It used to be that full hair removal was popular. Now more and more women are choosing to keep a larger triangle up front and remove underneath. If you are just looking to remove hair on the Bikini line, we offer that service too.

Whatever your preference, be assured our technicians at Cosmedic Laser & Skincare will help you choose what is best for you, and ensure you are comfortable in the process.

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