Prep For Valentine’s Day With Laser Hair Removal

Valentines is a time for intimacy and so why not let us help you get ready with those intimate areas.


Let’s start at the top and work our way down. For you men out there with beards, we offer a chance to help keep your beard looking cleaner longer. We are able to laser those pesky neck hairs that come back so fast and keep them away longer.

facial hair remover


If you want to save time for the day and for future occasions, why not get your armpit hair removed. This might be an easier spot to shave but also one that you might need to tend to more often. One less thing to worry about for those spontaneous moments.

armpit hair removal


This is an awkward spot to reach and when it grows back it usually comes back as painful ingrown hairs. Plus ladies usually love a smooth back. Let us help you keep it at bay.

back hair removal


Now for the most awkward but usually a favorite one, below the equator. This is where you get to be a little more creative. We offer a few different types of hair removal: Bikini, Brazilian, and butt cheeks. So stop being a contortionist and being in those uncomfortable positions, and let us help you save some time. 

shave bush


Lastly, we have the usual favorite, leg hair removal. Again, another not too difficult but very frequent shave that could use a little time-saving. Plus it will make playing footsies under the table much more fun.

leg hair removal

Hopefully, this will help you get ideas of prep for Valentine’s day. Please make sure to check local Covid guidelines as to when we can book you in for an appointment. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about treatments.