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Emsculpt treatments have finally arrived at CosMedic! 

Emsculpt uses cutting-edge non-invasive technology that uses electromagnetic energy to build muscle, reduce fat and sculpt your body.  

Unlike other body sculpting products, the Emsculpt focuses on sculpting the body with longer-lasting results and a healthier body.  With over 20,000 contractions in your 30 minute session, you will see your muscles strengthened and up to 19% body fat reduction in the treatment area. 

There is no question that this machine will provide the slim, toned, and defined body you are looking for!  With minimal pain, no downtime, no bruising, and a fraction of the cost of competitor procedures. How can you go wrong?

Each session takes approximately 30 minutes per area and recommends 4 to 6 sessions. Preferably 2-3 days apart.  

Book now for your free consultation to see if this procedure is right for you! 





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